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All the dogs of Bluenose Kennel are performance bred Alaskan Huskies. These dogs are some the greatest canine athletes in the world today. On top of that they are also some of the cutest athletes in the world! You can sponsor a dog on the team to receive updates on their progress and the teams race updates as the winter goes on.  Sponsorship goes towards dog food, a custom fitting harness, new collar and race entry fees. 

Ebony - Sponsored

Ebony is possibly the reason I pursued racing and left the dogsled tour industry. This dog has so much potential that I just had to see what she was capable of. Ebony has Single lead for me through a 3rd place finish our rookie year of the Percy 200 mile and a first place finish at the Underdog 100 mile race. This is a dog that people spend their whole careers hoping to own and I am lucky to have been given her from a friend when I first started owning my own dogs.

Sponsored by: DOGS CHOICE RAW DOG FOOD, Penhold, AB


Sky is a great team and point dog. Has finished all our races as one of the strongest dogs in the team. Was also borrowed by Marcel Marin to run the eight dog challenge which she placed first in. very reliable dog. very fast and strong. Acts as a mother to any new pups in the kennel. very lucky to have this dog in the kennel.

Sponsored by: Maritime Mushing Supply - Marley Repchull


Limo is a little rocket. Always enthusiastic to run, even in the toughest conditions. She has a great head and good speed to be up front in a team.



I bought this friendly girl as a leader for my tour kennel but when I ran her I could tell right away she was meant to be on the race team. A lovely dog, very friendly and great off leash. She was a retired Stage stop dog turned mid distance champion.


This big boy is a driving force in the rear of the team. He will lead but as a leader he is less valuable than what he contributes in wheel. He can keep a fast pace and will pick up on command. Friendly, keeps to himself in the kennel. Curious of humans but not a big attention seeker.


Crosby has finished the Iditarod and Canadian Challenge with Aaron Peck. Him and his brother are new to our team but are expected to make a significant impact in the 2018/2019 season. "He loped to nome..."



Kunitz is brothers to Crosby. He has a similar style of running. Likes to move fast. Kunitz does not have any racing experience but shows lots of potential for the upcoming season. He is the ugliest cutest dog you'd ever seen.


Just like the name says, this girl is looney! She loves to run fast. She has a fair bit of racing experience however, not in the mid-distance category. This year will be a trial for her to see if she is comfortable running at our pace for the required distances.


Sexy is the most affectionate dog in the kennel. She has certainly reached her potential now that she is a part of Bluenose Kennel, completing the Percy and Under dog this past season as a two year old. very tough dog. great attitude. Eats like a machine.

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